About call lift

Established in 1970, Call-Lift Ltd. (formerly KOBEL Elevators) provides service for all elevator types in highly reasonable prices.

We specialize in maintenance and renovation of existing elevators, and also install stairlifts for disabled individuals.

We supply a unique service that guarantees your elevator’s smooth operation over time: The law requires elevator preventive maintenance once every two months, but we at Call-Lift offer preventive maintenance once a month, thus drastically reducing
malfunctions and wear.

We guarantee to carry out elevator rescues, with the Fire Department’s assistance, within 45 minutes of your call. This service is provided 24/7, at no extra charge – as part of the service agreement.

All other malfunctions are handled within 90 minutes of your call.
We operate mobile service units across Israel, from Kiryat Gat to Netanya, which are equipped with original spare parts, equipment and communication systems. Our highly professional and experienced technicians provide immediate solutions for each call from our computerized service center. Our emergency maned service center operates 24/7.

Call-Lift imports original spare parts for all elevator types, and customers can choose between service that includes or excludes parts.

Call-Lift offers service and spare parts at “market breaking” prices, which are considerably lower than the prices of other leading companies. In addition, our service agreement does not include an obsolescence clause, which increases costs from year to year. These benefits ensure a saving up to thousands of NIS each year and high quality, reliable service.

Each project undergoes computerized quality control. In addition, we have all the required Ministry of Labor licenses, and our work is supervised by engineers, the Ministry of Labor and the Standards Institution of Israel.